MakeIt Kids: Sneak Peek into Liberty Modified Edelweiss Dress

SKETCH2 This is the lovely Edelweiss Dress from hey june.  I sometimes get a little carried away with different iterations of a design and this being my first time sewing with Liberty London fabric, I felt the need to get it right before I dared cut into the beautiful fabric, lest I waste even an inch.  Plus I’m a total sucker for print-mixing and this gorgeous, primary-colored ditsy floral was just asking for a simple, 2-color print to be paired with. But sometimes it’s hard to picture print mixes without having a visual so here are the options I’ve come up with.  I could’ve kept going but it’s Kids Clothes Week so I had to put down the Wacom pen and pick up the scissors and get going at some point!  The dress is nearly done and I can’t wait to reveal it to you soon. Which option would you choose? SKETCH_band3SKETCH_ruffle3SKETCH_bow3SKETCH_tripleband3 (the scale of the floral is incorrect on this last one – sorry!)


2 thoughts on “MakeIt Kids: Sneak Peek into Liberty Modified Edelweiss Dress

  1. woah! I just followed you here through the new KCW site and I have to say, this is amazing!! Your mock ups are so cool. I actually love all of them, though the bow is very sweet and perfect for a little one. Thanks for using the pattern, I love your version!

    • Thank you so much Adrianna! I’ve been in transit for the last month so have been unable to get any sewing or project planning done but I’m itching to get back to it. Thanks for writing such a great pattern!

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