Moving Day(s)


(all photos in this post are from my Instagram feed)

I may have mentioned it in passing before, but we’re moving!  It’s exciting and happy and sad and scary and stressful (and very stressful) all at the same time.  We’ve been living in beautiful London for about 18 months now and it’s time to pack up our things and ship them all back to Brooklyn and move home.  We were originally planning to stay here 2-3 years but a few things have changed since our move that made now the opportune time to move back.  I truly love it here in London and am sad to leave our friends and this amazing city, but New York is our home so off we go.

The packing begins today – the movers have just arrived and are busy in the living room and kitchen.  There are a million things for me to organize but I’m focused on my studio corner of the office at the moment and instead of doing the more important things, I seem to feel the need to categorize things by color, such as my fabric stash (above) and my little thread drawer.IMG_5487

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going through all of Ellery’s clothing from the past year and a half.  For insurance purposes, I needed to document everything in our house – and most of it was easy because I used our insurance form from when we moved here as a starting point.  However because Ellery has grown so much, I had to go through and count all of her clothing and shoes.  It was fun to see it all and remember her cute, tiny things, yet also bittersweet to realize she’s not my little baby anymore.  Here are her signature shoes, size 3 from when we arrived in London and now size 6 as we’re leaving.  These were her first shoes (size 2 I think were her first) and I’m going to keep buying them until they’re big enough to no longer be cute 🙂IMG_5508

So now it’s off to pack some more.  Our things will be at sea (and then in customs) for 4-6 weeks so deciding what we need during that time is quite a challenge, especially considering we’ll need to dress for a change of seasons.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a whirlwind from this moment until we’re back in our apartment in September.  I don’t know how much sewing I’m going to get in between now and then but I’m hoping to get some other creative projects done that I can share with you here.  Stay tuned…


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