MakeIt Kids: Elinor Dress for Fall KCW

Oh hai, remember me? I started a blog and then stopped it nearly as quickly? I swear I’m not trying to make excuses but I’ve certainly had a busy few months.

My last post was while our house in London was being packed up for our move back to Brooklyn. Well we’re back and after over a month of bouncing around staying with family, we’ve been back in our apartment for nearly two months. It’s only just now that I’m starting to come out of that settling-in haze and have the energy to get creative and make things (yay!).

The only complication with that however, is that I have a new job! It’s a temporary freelance position but it’s in an office so it eats up 45ish hours of my week. I only started a few days ago so I’m still getting used to it, as is Ellery, but I think it’s going well so far.

And in the midst of all of this change – country, apartment, preschool, work status, and on and on – it’s Kids Clothes Week again!!  And while I’m only posting my first project on Thursday, I’m at least glad it’s motivating me to get going and get sewing again.

I’ve been reunited with my trusty Janome 8048 and I found a great deal on a Juki 654 serger on Craigslist and from the looks of it, it’s never been used.

photo 1

So off I went, tacking a project I’ve been meaning to try for a while.  I loved Craftiness Is Not Optional’s Elinor Top and have been planning on making a dress version for a while.  It so happened when I was unpacking my fabric stash that I actually had a piece of lightweight denim that looks a lot like what CINO used on her top.  Sorry I didn’t really take photos as I went as I was eager to get it finished.


Here’s the finished product and I think it went great, although I haven’t tried it on Ellery just yet.  If it fits, I’m going to base her Halloween costume on the pattern (she’s going to be Madeline and I’m feeling totally terrible that I haven’t started the costume yet).  Hopefully I can take a stab at it before KCW is over!
kid's clothes week


2 thoughts on “MakeIt Kids: Elinor Dress for Fall KCW

    • Thank you so much!!! The tutorial was great and so easy to follow!

      I hadn’t gotten my hands on a new serger when I’d made the ruffle part, so I just folded the fabric over and used my sewing machine’s fake overlock stitch so I think that gave it a little extra body.

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