MakeIt Kids: Baby Kimono-style PJs


Let’s pretend I’m not the biggest blog slacker on the planet.  But then let’s also remember that I started this blog when we were living in London, I wasn’t working, husband wasn’t working, and we had lots and lots of help with the kiddo.  Now we’re all working full-time and I’m 34 weeks pregnant with #2 (a boy!) so time and energy for sewing and blogging has pretty much vanished.  I’m not much for home decorating, however, so I channel my nesting into sewing and when Summer Kids Clothes Week came around, I figured now was as good a time as any to start sewing for the new babe.

I’ve weeded out Ellery’s old baby clothes that crossed the line into “too girly” and passed them on to a friend.  Even though a lot of our newborn and infant clothes are unisex, I did seem to remember not having a lot of the smallest size of baby clothes so I figured this was my opportunity.  I’m sitting on tons and tons of 1/2-1yd cuts of lovely knits, some stashed swatches from work and others like the one in the above pic from Girl Charlee.

I found surprisingly few patterns for newborn and infant jammies but in the end settled on this great pattern from Brindille and Twig on Etsy.  There are 9 pattern pieces, plus you have to cut a long strip for the binding, so the cutting takes a bit of time.  It helped to trace around the pattern with a felt-tip pen first – made cutting fast with a combination of my rotary cutter and fabric scissors.

Another time-saver is that the directions say to sew many of the seams directly with the serger.  Luckily since the pattern is for knit fabrics, you don’t neeeeeeed a serger but I used mine since I have one and I love how professional it makes thigns look.  I usually sew with my sewing machine and finish with my serger, but since they’re newborn PJs that are about to get covered in a wash of baby fluids and then promptly grown out of, I wasn’t so concerned about every detail being absolutely perfect.10488797_1484610485113265_931775746_n

I only made one minor alteration to the pattern instructions, which was that I applied the sleeve cuffs prior to sewing the underarm and side seam sleeves.  Seems much easier than sewing around that tiny circle at the end.

I’d love to adapt the pattern to have a zipper instead of snaps – it was my first time using non-sew snaps (ordered online from Snap Source), whose snap-application tool was quite helpful, but it was hard to find a good time to be hammering away on snaps, and I also put one on totally wrong and had to use needle-nose pliers to pry it off, leaving a small hole on the placket.

In the end, the sewing went fairly quickly and the resulting PJs are super cute.  I made one pair in the newborn size but they looked quite large compared to the “up to 7lbs” Gap things that Ellery wore in her first couple of weeks (she was 7lbs 12oz at birth yet still needed that tiny size).  So the second pair (striped above) are in the preemie size.

I’ll try try try not to go so long again without posting.  A newborn won’t really take up thaaaaat much of my time, right?

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