MakeIt Kids: Figgy’s Banyan Tunic for Winter KCW


Like clockwork, I’m back for more Kid’s Clothes Week.  I’ve been at a full-time freelance job for the last three months, which really put a damper on my sewing and calligraphy (and cooking dinner and doing laundry and basically operating as a functional adult) but alas, my gig ended about a week ago.  The upside is, it ended just in time for me to get back in the swing of things for KCW.

I’ve had the Figgy’s Banyan Tunic pattern stashed away in my sewing files since before we left London, but I never got around to doing anything with it.  But Ellery, just weeks away from turning three, is growing out of her clothes yet again, so I figured now was as good a time as ever to make her up a quick t-shirt.  The Banyan Tunic pattern has short sleeves (as does the Banyan Tee that comes in the same pattern), however with the multiple polar vortexes (vortices?) we’ve been experiencing this winter, I drafted a long sleeve using the sleeve cap from the original pattern and the length of an existing shirt sleeve from her wardrobe.


The shirt came together quite quickly, and I popped into City Sewing today in the garment district to pick up some new double needles to give the neckline and hems a more professional feel.  I took extra care with this first go-round (plus tracing the whole pattern out took an hour or so), so it probably took me several hours total, but I’m confident I could bust out a few more tees in no time at all.


And in fact I might!

I haven’t tried this on the kiddo yet, but I’m sure she’ll want to give it a whirl first thing in the morning.  If the fit is good, I may play around with changing the hem from long on the sides to more of a hi-low.  We shall see…


My goal is to get one more project in before the bell rings, ending KCW for another season. A good friend had a baby girl a little over a month ago, so hopefully I can throw together a thing or two for her.  Thanks for popping by!

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